Ich Will Ein Fisch…

‘Ich Will Ein Fisch Im Wasser Sein by Gem Kingdom & Mimi Berlin, 2014. (Assembled Bronze/1980s pressed glass/Axa Bike Lamp) 27 x 9 cm

‘Ich Will ein Fisch im Wasser Sein’ is a statuette made with found objects and embellished with bronze, it doubles as a lamp. ‘Ich Will ein Fisch im Wasser Sein’ is the result of the first collaboration by the Gem Kingdom and Mimi Berlin

‘Ich Will ein Fisch im Wasser Sein is made by hand and can be made to order, all UNIQUE pieces. Please contact Mimi Berlin for more information.
Current stock: 2 pieces; available at Magasin Horas in The Hague.

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