Giant Albino Rabbit

3-D Printed Giant Albino Rabbit.

The Headbalancer rabbit from the History of Circus Legends series of statutettes. has become a giant: 20 cm tall! Available in a limited edition of 10 signed and numbered pieces. The Giant Albino Rabbit is painted by hand.

The rabbit was created by Mimi Berlin in 2013 as part of The History of Circus Legends. His name is Dinky and he is a Head Balancer.

This statuette has always been everyone’s favorite. Most of the Circus Legend statuettes have been sold but The original Dinky always will be part of Mimi Berlin’s private collection.

Giant Albino Rabbit #1 is part of Mimi Berlin’s Cabinet of Short Stories.

Currently also available at Magasin Horas in The Hague.