Close-Up Necklaces

mimiberlin close-up necklaces

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Close-Up Necklaces, designed by Mimi Berlin Bijoux, are handmade in onyx, sweet water pearls, coral and a yellow vintage glass bead, finished with a 14kt golden locket.

Close-Up-Eyes (ø 50 cm) €350,- / Close-Up-Smile (ø 60 cm) €350,- / Close-Up-Face (set of eyes and smile) €625,-

Please send us an email to order or for more information or ,
if you feel uncomfortable ordering online you can purchase these necklaces at the
Magasin Horas, Molenstraat 19 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Tip from Mimi Berlin:
Maybe you’d like to combine these necklaces with a silk scarf?


Second Best Necklace

Second Best Necklace

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“Classic Pearls, but not your average necklace….”

Evolutionary Extravaganza Necklaces; designed by Mimi Berlin Bijoux.
Second Best; handmade faux pearl necklace in Princess length, (45 cm/18″) which is the second most popular length for classic pearl necklaces.(handmade with; faux pearls, plastic and glass beads with a vintage turn-lock in brass)

Second Best Necklace (ø 45 cm) €175,-

We expect the arrival of the First Choice necklace; which is similar in design made with cultivated salt water pearls, coral and a 14 kt locket.

Tip from Mimi Berlin:
Maybe you’d like to combine this necklace with a silk scarf?