Kitty Necklace Half Plastic and Half Silver

About Kitty Necklace

The Kitty Necklace is a design by Mimi Berlin Bijoux created with salvaged materials: plastic and silver. The plastic beads were discarded by a child at one point and the silver chain is gifted to us by Kitty, it’s an attic treasure. The silver lockets and our little logo-tag are new.


Mimi Berlin Bijoux decided to use the decorative silver ‘Haferkorn” chain to string the plastic beads and delicious food-charms together into a necklace suitable for adults. Presenting these beads, and in particular the lovely, detailed charms, in the way they should be presented: with respect with precious metal.


You can choose from a limited edition of 10 necklaces, they are all one-of-a-kind. The available colors are blue, yellow, pink, green and salmon. Prices for the ø48 cm choker-size necklaces: €45,- The longer necklaces are yours for €65,- (FREE delivery within The Netherlands) You will receive your order in beautifull gift wrapping.

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Peanut/Erdnuss/Pinda Bracelet

The Peanut Bracelet NEW from Mimi Berlin Bijoux

Never out of Stock Never out of style Mimi Berlin Bijoux presents: The Peanut Bracelet

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Peanut/Erdnuss/Pinda Bracelet

This bracelet is handmade in Amsterdam by Mimi Berlin Bijoux in a limited edition of 8 pieces. Ingredients are; vintage, dead-stock, leather straps and a 14K gold plated charm.

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This bracelet can be yours for only €72,50
Delivery is FREE of charge within The Netherlands.
You will receive your order in beautiful gift wrapping.

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Giant Albino Rabbit

3-D Printed Giant Albino Rabbit.

The Headbalancer rabbit from the History of Circus Legends series of statutettes. has become a giant: 20 cm tall! Available in a limited edition of 10 signed and numbered pieces. The Giant Albino Rabbit is painted by hand.

The rabbit was created by Mimi Berlin in 2013 as part of The History of Circus Legends. His name is Dinky and he is a Head Balancer.

This statuette has always been everyone’s favorite. Most of the Circus Legend statuettes have been sold but The original Dinky always will be part of Mimi Berlin’s private collection.

Giant Albino Rabbit #1 is part of Mimi Berlin’s Cabinet of Short Stories.

Currently also available at Magasin Horas in The Hague.


Framed Brooches Costume Jewelry

Vintagedeluxe Costume Jewelry

Framed Brooches

Framed Brooches all pre-owned Costume Jewelry. Framed Brooches, carefully selected and matched to the pages of Linea Italia Magazine, the Winter 1980 issue. Frame or wear these brooches: your choice!
Tip from Mimi Berlin: send one to a friend, they will love this thoughtful gift!

For descriptions and prices please click the images. The brooches are pinned to the matte laminated pages in size A4; with the backside image visible! We send you these little time capsules per PostNL from Amsterdam.

For countries outside The Netherlands please click below to get more information about shipping details.

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Love Phil An-Sich Cards

Love Phil an-sich cards

A high-quality postcard in matte finish to send to your loved ones! Love Phil paper products design by Mimi Berlin: featuring Phil the cat, a bunch of pink roses with love from Mimi Berlin and lots of Magnolia’s in a soft pink color scheme.

Just like Herr Stuiver* you can get your own Love Phil an-sich card!
They are exclusively for sale for only €1,50 at Magasin Horaz, Molenstraat 19, 2512 BH, The Hague.

We do have the Love Phill Wallpaper available online.

*credit where credit’s due: Herr Stuiver came up with the title an-sich card.